01【Entrust acceptance】

Fill out a power of attorney to find a house on behalf of the rental business and fill in a lessee application form (in line with the agency brokerage industry)


First call to understand the rental conditions and the lessor’s past records, the time when the house can be viewed, and whether the owner’s conversation is close to the people.

03【house condition inspection】

Before looking at the house, check the photos of the objects, the state of the equipment, the convenience of business districts, parks, transportation, and school districts.

04【Leasing conditions】

Housing conditions: rent, square footage, equipment, regional housing channels: print media, Internet, agency, relatives and friends.

05【house viewing】

Agree to see the house, observe the internal and external environment, check and test equipment, and guide the reading of life conventions.


1. Confirm whether the rental price includes tax and parking space 2. Confirm whether the four-fee calculation basis is included in the rent 3. Confirm the maintenance fee, repair fee, and notary fee apportionment method.

07【contract review】

Review the content of the new lease contract, the rights and obligations of both parties to the lease, the spare parts list, the living convention, and the community convention lease supplement application consent.

08【sign a lease】

Prepare double documents, rent deposit, fill in the tenant application form, sign the house condition statement and repair confirmation form, and the natural person landlord uses a non-consumption relationship lease.

09【Lease Mortgage Delivery】

Pay 1 month rent, deposit 2 months rent, ask the landlord to sign the receipt for cash delivery, ask the landlord to sign the photocopy of the receipt for cheque delivery, legal tenants must withhold taxes, and second-generation health insurance premiums.

10【house condition payment】

The landlord or manager shall accompany the on-site check-in, accompanied by relatives and friends to assist the third party to take pictures, confirm the settlement of the four-fee form, the delivery and receipt of the door key, the registration of household information, the relocation of household registration, and the epidemic prevention facilities.